Unique Home Decorations

We often get asked, “What do you mean by unique home decorations? Aren’t all decorations unique?” The short answer is yes; the long answer is we pride ourselves on finding some of the most interesting pieces out there. Of course we carry unique décor, and because we are locally owned and operated, we strive to bring the heart of Vegas into our store. But sometimes on our search adventures, we find pieces that truly have no equal and no comparison to typical furnishings. Check out our gallery of images of our unique home decorations to inspire you to come on down and do business with us. It's hard for us to even let these pieces go, they’re so unique! But despite our personal feelings, we want others to be able to enjoy these wonderful décor items. So like always, you’ll find the affordable and fair Santa’s Wrap price tag on it, and it will be waiting for you in our store. Visiting Las Vegas, Nevada, is often a unique experience in itself. But Santa’s Wrap tends to attract those of you looking for something more subtle and personal. Vegas is all about high energy and high excitement, but when you need to come back down to earth, we’re here for you.

No matter what your own decorating style is, we have something for you. From more modern and contemporary pieces to rustic and shabby chic, we pride ourselves on touching on all different styles. So on top of being some of the most unique home decorations you will find out there, they also coordinate nicely with your home’s existing palette and style. Whatever your taste may be, come visit us here at Santa’s Wrap. Even if you’re in town for just a little while, we are positive we can give you a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. Otherwise, for you locals—or should we say regulars?—our doors will be open and waiting for you.