Holiday Decor and Seasonal Decorations

As a decor and furniture store, we knew we had to expand. Here at Santa’s Wrap we went from being a retailer that provided only holiday decor and seasonal decorations to a shop that provides wonderful seasonal decor perfect for any time of the year. When our customers continued coming back time after time, asking about new supplies coming in and if we were going to expand, we knew it was the right time. Nowadays we pride ourselves on having one of the most expansive seasonal decoration collections in the Las Vegas area. So much of Vegas is high energy, flashing lights, and all manner of excitement. This is all well and good, but with our holiday decor collection, we provide a more relaxing experience. No matter what season it is or what holiday you are looking to represent, we have the furniture, decor, and art to make it happen. As soon as you walk into our store, our inventory will definitely catch your eye. Besides carrying such a wide array of products, we also carry products that coordinate with any style you can think of. From trendy styles to more rustic and down-to-earth looks, we have it all here at Santa’s Wrap.

While you’re here browsing our seasonal decorations, we encourage our customers to check out our unique furniture and decor as well. We find beautiful local works and pieces and bring them in for sale at affordable rates. Turning your home into a seasonal wonderland shouldn't come with the stress of overly expensive price tags. And by being locally owned and operated, we can ensure that prices stay affordable and that the right kind of products are here to cater to your desires. We’re not like the typical experiences you can find here in Vegas, but we still are absolutely one of a kind. So whether you’re coming for a quick visit, or you live in the area, stop by and visit us!