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Hi friends! Unfortunately, the Facebook and Instagram pages we spent 12+ years building up were shut down unexpectedly. We aren't sure if we are going to get those accounts back, so for now, we welcome you to follow us here and share with your friends so you can keep updated on all the new items we get daily! Yesterday, we just got a big shipment of more metals in for your home and garden - think cactus, flowers, birds, and so much more. And as always, EVERYTHING IS ALWAYS 50% OFF THE LOWEST MARKED PRICE! Thank you so much for all the love and support you have given us at Santa's Wrap over the years. It's been an incredible 12 years and we can't wait for many many more. Come in and say hi - we can't wait to see you. XO - Beth and Dave find us on Instagram and Facebook www.instagram.com/santaswraplv


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"Literally my favorite store I think I've ever been in. So much variety, every single home style you could think of you can find something for! My only problem with this store is the fact I can't walk out without buying something! Also, the customer service is outstanding; you can tell they really take care of their employees."

- Madds C.

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