Unique Furniture

Being locally owned and operated allows us to provide unique furniture options for our valued customers. We scour the area and beyond for all kinds of wooden furniture and other pieces that ooze style and individuality. If you see something you like in one of our pictures, you need to come on by quickly! Our store is like a revolving door when it comes to our unique furniture. The more unique pieces we find, the quicker they fly out our door. But not to worry—even if you couldn't land that first piece you saw in a picture, we guarantee you’ll still find something perfect for your home in our specialized furniture collection. We pride ourselves on being a unique shopping experience. So often with Vegas, everyone is focused on the casinos and the Las Vegas Strip. But rather than being consumed by that high energy all the time, we wanted to provide a more subtle yet enjoyable experience. We expanded from offering strictly holiday decor to selling all kinds of furniture and decor in general. Unlike typical department store prices, however, ours remain affordable and fair.

As soon as you walk into Santa’s Wrap, the feeling is just different. You will hardly feel like you’re even in a store. Decorations are our passion, and unique furniture goes hand in hand with them. You’ll easily be able to picture the piece in your home because of our professional setups and coordinating décor items. No matter what style you’re interested in, from rustic wooden furniture to more modern pieces, we carry it all here at Santa’s Wrap. We are certain that we have something for everyone here in our store. So please, whether you’re visiting Vegas or you live in the area, come visit us. We’re sure you won’t regret it!