Las Vegas Shopping

Las Vegas shopping is a whole other animal compared to your typical department store shopping. The high energy and eccentric tastes of the main strip/casinos bleed into everything. But those of you looking for a unique shopping experience that is more home-oriented, you need to come visit us here at Santa’s Wrap. What we offer is a more toned down but still an exciting Las Vegas shopping experience. We are locally owned and operated and pride ourselves on finding beautiful local pieces to use as décor. Yes, we carry the popular holiday and seasonal decorations you’d expect, but we have so much more to offer our valued customers. We find some of the most unique decor and furniture out there, and offer it to you all at affordable and fair prices. Even if you are just in Vegas on vacation, we guarantee you won't regret stopping here because you’ll be going home with that perfect piece of decor—and most likely an item you never even realized you needed until you saw it here. Our styles range from modern to contemporary to shabby chic, rustic, and farmhouse. Whatever style of decor calls to you, we carry it here at Santa’s Wrap.

What we offer is a way for everyone to get what they want. So often when people want to plan some Las Vegas shopping, everybody in their group wants to go see different places. But we have pieces to suit so many design styles and pocketbooks, they are sure to please every shopper in your group. Everything in our inventory will last you a lifetime and comes at an affordable price. All of our stock is unique and therefore can only be purchased through in-store transactions. This allows for each of our customers to have the most unique Las Vegas shopping experience possible.